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September, 2010


Model Erika Jordan

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Recently I had the pleasure of shooting with a hot and sexy model named Erika Jordan.  She was just an amazing model to shoot with, we had a lot of fun and did some very nice creative images.  I had a fantabulous makeup artist/hairstylist (although she’s more of a makeup artist) named Heather Ivy.  Heather’s personality is just amazing and beautiful.  I’ve worked with Heather numerous of times and she never seems to fail me.

Here is a beautiful image that I created and will be used.  It’s such an amazing beautiful image that I’m going to showcase it in the gallery at my studio.

Taylor Roberts

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It’s so funny how we work.  We look at things as to how we feel about a certain model whether it’s by viewing their packages that’s being sent from different agencies or just by meeting them in person.  Recently an agency sent me a package (packages are different images of different models that you can view, and possibly want to either test with them or get paid to shoot the model(s) that’s sent to you).  From the packages that were sent to me, I selected Taylor Roberts.  I must tell you, she was a doll to work with.  The minute she walked into the studio it was heaven sent.  She was beautiful throughout the day.  Great personality, very talkative and was very good at following my directions as to what I was looking for.

I must also add that I had such a FANTABULOUS team.  Without the team, it’s not a shoot per-se.  Although I’ve shot without a team and was able to pull it off but with the team, it surely makes a huge difference.  So speaking of team, I want to thank them personally.

Kudos to:

Model: Taylor Roberts

Makeup artist: Corin Cruz

Hairstylist: Diana Lomelin

Wardrobe stylist: Marquita Lopez

Here’s the beautiful Taylor Roberts

Also, I noticed that Taylor also mentioned something beautiful about our shoot.  Check it out on her site.